Q1 2023 Courier Tale Dev Blog

January, February and March have been completed for 2023, so that means it’s time for the Q1 2023 Courier Tale Dev Blog…

The start of the year was more so focused on behind-the-scenes work. This culminated in Courier Tale being featured in the RPG Maker Festival 2023 on Steam in February. For this digital event, I made a video talking about the game and its influences. This video was streamed on Steam throughout the week of the event. Eventually, this video will be released on Youtube in case you missed it and wanted a greater insight into Courier Tale. Overall RPG Maker Festival was a success and saw a significant increase in wishlists for Courier Tale.

After RPG Maker Festival, it was back to polishing the game. The focus of the past month or so has been working on UI and menus, which is tricky in this game engine. In the process, a new title screen was created with an animated background. A new in-game menu is in the works, currently iterating on different versions, but should be finished soon. A long-standing visual glitch after selecting a dialogue choice may have finally been solved. I’ve previously mentioned mouse support not being up to the same standard as keyboard or controller, and now I’m more leaning towards removing mouse support. Successful games made in the same game engine don’t have mouse support, so I think it’s just a fact that mouse in this engine is not the best. For now I’ve disabled mouse, but perhaps it could be something re-looked at after the release of the game.

It is hoped this UI work is making the final versions of these menus. These updates haven’t been added to the demo yet. They might not make it into the demo until near the full release of the game, but may be updated if Courier Tale takes part in future digital events before release.

Speaking of events, last blog I said there probably wouldn’t be any more physical events that Courier Tale will exhibit at before release. That is mostly the truth as I try to focus on finishing the game in what is hopefully the homestretch of development. At this stage the only physical event before release that Courier Tale will likely be at is in July.

Speaking of release, the goal/motto of “Delivery in 2023” continues. If all goes well Courier Tale will release in the 2nd half of 2023. Until then, there’s plenty more polishing to do, so while I do that, don’t forget to follow @couriertale on your favourite social media spamming network and if ya haven’t already, make sure to wishlist Courier Tale on Steam…